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Banking organizations continue to invest in block projects. IBM Institute for Business Value (IBM Institute of Business Value) with the support of the Economist Intelligence Unit conducted a study in which 200 banks from 16 countries took part and told about their expectations from the technology of blocking.

According to the results of the survey, in 2017, 15% of financial institutions will use the block in their practical activities. It is these banks that are innovators who believe that technology will help them create new business models and launch in new markets.

Banks-innovators believe that the blocking company will help them reduce time, costs and risks in such areas as reference data, retail pyments and consumer lending. Also, innovators are convinced that the block will open new opportunities in the areas of trade finance and corporate lending.

The results of the research demonstrated that the introduction of blocking technology is happening at a faster rate than previously expected.

Innovators identified the main areas where the implementation of blocking will be most effective at first.